Retired Machine Buy and Sell

Many companies often spend considerable time and effort sorting and preparing those non-usable, fade out model, or even hardware recondition for sale under accounting depreciation policy. By partnering with Acumen, companies can avoid this difficult and detailed process. In some instances,

To Buyers:

All machines that we re-sell are well inspected and recondition by using original factory components and thus, we split into 3 classes in which Excellent, Good, and Minor problem quality has been remarked to customers. Thus, goods can be guaranteed as what their exact conditions are when buying from us with reasonable prices respectively.

To Sellers:

Whether a company sells, donates or disposes of old IT equipment, it encounters two major risks: secure removal of data and proprietary software, and responsible environmentally sound handling. Acumen provides a free of charge service and procedures to eliminate any risk associated with both data erasure and computer disposal.

Secure removal of data and proprietary software: Most companies may have their own procedures to erase all confidential data. Acumen may offer an on-site service by engineers with cost-free, in order for companies to reduce the erase process man-times and labor charges.

Responsible environmentally sound handling: Many computer parts contain toxic elements that are potentially damaging to the environment. Generally, the lead and mercury found in CPUs and monitors are considered hazardous waste and need to be disposed of properly. Although there are not official legal acts control in Hong Kong region yet, all products which are not suitable for reuse should be disposed in the most environmentally-friendly manner. Acumen helps to transfer these waste to certified recyclers and we could pin- point a statement against liability for improper disposal from your company after ownership transfer made.